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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee ...

    100% Satisfaction GuaranteeOur Guarantee: You must be completely satisfied with your purchase or you may return any of our letters or numbers for a full refund ... except for the shipping and handling charges. We don't have any "restocking charges".

    14½ inch Wall Letter with "Shadow" backing

    1" Wood Letters / Numbers


    Beautiful 14½ inch high oak letter mounted on black PVC "shadow" background.

    Perfect decor for that special touch in your home, room, office, or any place that you want show off the first or last letter of your name or family name.

    The 14" wood letter (or number) is cut from a piece of beautiful 1/4" thick red oak plywood that has an MDF core so there are no "voids" or lines in the edges. They have a nice rounded edge on the front and are hand sanded to remove any roughness.

    Then the back...or the "Shadow" is cut separately from 1/4" thick black PVC material, slightly larger than the wood letter.

    The wood letter is attached to the "Shadow" backing with 1/4" thick standoffs and the letter is then stained and finished with multiple coats of poly urathane finish to show off the beautiful oak wood grain.

    The overall thickness of each letter is 3/4".

    Can be mounted on nearly any vertical surface such as walls or doors with the hangers that are attached to the back of each letter. If mounting on brick or masonary I suggest using a good panel
    adhesive such as Liquid Nails®.

    Each letter (or number) has one or more "saw tooth" hangers on the back for hanging with small nails or screws.

    They are priced at $23.50 each + $6.50 S&H to any address in the US.

    The S&H charge is a flat charge PER ORDER...(regardless of quantity) so if you order more than one at a time there is only one S&H charge.

    Shipping charges to other countries is more. Contact us for S&H charge outside of the US.

    These are only available the Condensed Classic font as shown. 




    Instructions: Enter the numbers or letters you wish to order in uppercase. When placing order please include a valid email address. After we receive your payment, an email will be sent to verify your order.


    Total quantity of characters:

    $23.50 ea.

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